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Establishment of
“Yamato Harunobu Shoroku kiln”

In the wake of the Meiji Restoration, Yamato Sakutaro's "Yamato Shoroku", which was the official kiln of the Hagi clan (Tokoji kiln, foreman), was brought over from Hagi in 1890 to produce high-quality pottery clay. After discovering this, in 1892, he opened the Yamato Shoroku kiln, a four-cell climbing kiln, in Miyano Village, Yoshiki District (present-day Miyanogami, Yamaguchi City).

Furthermore, one of his children, "Yamato Harunobu", placed the climbing kiln that Sakutaro had built on the premises, and added an even larger four-chamber type climbing kiln using the western slope.

Because the kiln was built on the slope of a mountain where many bush camellias grow wild, the kiln was named "Rin-Tsubian/ Yamato Harunobu Shoroku Kiln".

After that, the climbing kiln has been passed down from generation to generation for more than 100 years, and continues to exist today as "Yamaguchi Hagiyaki / Yamato Harunobu Shoroku kiln" .


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