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History of pottery

In the Meiji period, Harunobu, the son of Sakutaro Yamato (Shoroku), expanded the four-tube climbing kiln "Rinchin-ann, Harunobu Shoroku Kiln" on the western slope of the "Shoroku Kiln" that Sakutaro had opened.

Since then, he has maintained the traditional kiln for more than a hundred years from generation to generation, and is the current pottery master of "Hagiyaki Yamato Harunobu Shoroku Kiln".


Harunobu Yamato, the fourth generation of the Shoroku kiln, was born at the Shoroku kiln.


Western Crafts Exhibition, Kyushu Yamaguchi Ceramics Exhibition, Western Japan Ceramics Exhibition

Selected and won prizes at other exhibitions, etc.

Purchase works from Yamaguchi City (Mayor's Office)


Selected for the Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition (selected 7 times since then)

(same year)

Successively selected for the Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition Tokyo Main Exhibition

Regular member of Japan Crafts Association (youngest regular member of Yamaguchi branch)

(Selected for this exhibition 18 times since then)

■Award history
Yamaguchi Traditional Crafts Yamaguchi Branch Chief Award/NHK Yamaguchi Broadcasting Station Award

Asahi Shimbun Award, Yab Yamaguchi Asahi Broadcasting Station Award, Hiroshima Sogo Award

Shimonoseki Daimaru Award, Special Jury Award, and many other awards

■Solo exhibitions/events

Osaka Kintetsu Department Store, Osaka Daimaru Department Store, Nara Kintetsu Department Store

Hiroshima Sogo/Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture (Kouhouzan/Kogenji Shoin)

Museum commissioned exhibitions, exhibition event exhibitions, and many other items


Yamaguchi Prefecture "Cultural Promotion Encouragement Award" Award

Yamaguchi Prefecture "Cultural Merit/Prefectural Recommendation Award" Award

Exhibitions at various exhibitions, numerous solo exhibitions inside and outside the prefecture, exhibitions at special events, commentary on series, etc.

Each pottery class (full-time lecturer)

Belongs to the Hagi Ceramics Association, Yamaguchi Hagiyaki Artists Association,

Belongs to the Japan Kogei Association Yamaguchi Branch (regular member of the Japan Kogei Association)


Earthenware Fun
- Kido Airaku -

When I was a child, I was innocently tinkering with the soil, but over the next few decades I became fascinated by fire.I was born in a pottery and grew up among craftsmen, and to this day I have made only pottery.My inquisitive spirit for "manufacturing" never stops, and I entrust my passion for each bowl to the clay and fire the kiln.​We sincerely hope that as many people as possible will come across the warmth of earth and be loved as a vessel and as family.

Minoru Yamato

The Works


Hagi powder kiln flower vase

Diameter 41cm x height 36cm


Wavy carbonized vase

Diameter 18cm x height 35cm


Gold colored Hagi black glaze vase

Diameter 50cm x height 27cm


Hagi powder brush brush bowl

Diameter 50cm x height 19cm


wavy pattern square plate

Length 40cm x Width 40cm x Height 4.5cm


Hagihimon carbonized vase “Sho”

Width 75cm x Height 41cm x Height 26cm

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